What our Patients say about us….

Guy and I go back some years as he first worked on me in the clinic in Devizes. As someone who is terrified of the dentist Guy has been brilliant. So much so that where I originally required intravenous sedation, I can now get away with diazepam. If you are a patient of nervous disposition, I would highly recommend Guy as a gentle, understanding and caring dentist. Thank you very much!

Peter Haskins

Well what can I say about Guy other than what a find. The most amazing dentist ever. Transformed my smile. Had an awful lot of work needing doing including bone grafts and 5 implants. A long haul but so professional and lots of laughs along the way. I would also say that Guy is a perfectionist not a bad thing as your teeth will look amazing. Thanks Guy!

Jan H

I would highly recommend Guy to anybody. He listens, puts you at ease and is a perfectionist- everything you would want from a dentist. Guy has made such a difference to my teeth and confidence and I know he has taken great pride in his work. Thank you, Guy for all you have done.

Lisa B

I have been treated by Dr Bailey for 3 or 4 years now and always in a friendly, competent manner with excellent results!


“I have only been with guy for a few months as a patient but in the time he has done a substantial amount of dental work for me. I have been impressed with both his skills and professionalism. I would have no hesitating in recommending him to anybody!

Geoff Mace

Guy treated me with respect at all times and showed a genuine concern in my wellbeing throughout my intensive treatment and aftercare.

Sarah W

“First things first. A big thank you Guy. After years of abuse my mouth had received due to smoking and drinking energy drinks. Guy really sorted my mouth out. Painless treatment and understandable when things get uncomfortable.  Couldn’t be happier with the work he’s done for me. Thanks again!

Alex W

I have always had a fear of going to the dentist since I was a child. When I was told I needed a lot of work done to my teeth I knew my only option was to be sedated. I was referred to Guy who immediately put me at ease. He was professional, kind, and spoke to me in a nice manner. Guy explained exactly what he was going to do. I had intravenous sedation, which we both agreed would be the best way forward. I would highly recommend Guy and would definitely go to him again for more treatment.


The dental treatment that I received from Guy Bailey was of a very high standard. I needed major surgery and ongoing dental care for a few appointments. At the beginning I was an extremely nervous patient. Guy combining his skills as a dentist with understanding and care I now find myself no longer terrified. When life adjusts following this Covid 19 pandemic one of the things on my ‘to do’ list is to have a dental check-up! I recommend Guy very highly!

E Catton

I have been treated by Guy 3 times with sedation, I am a nervous patient to say the least, but Guy has always treated me with kindness and compassion making a horrible ordeal bearable. I would highly recommend him

Leah Martin

“Dr Guy Bailey – sedation dentistry genius! I was sedated by Guy for an extraction of a wisdom tooth. Sedation was the best way for me to fight my fear. Guy went above and beyond to make sure I received the best service. He took time to explain the sedation procedure thoroughly, answering all of my questions before and after”

Mackenzie Mcalary 

“Guy’s work to provide my first implant was outstanding. He explained every part of the procedure, from extraction of a tooth and creation of bone to the implant itself. I am delighted with the result!”

Stephanie B

“Dr Guy Bailey is both an experienced doctor & dentist. He listens carefully to my dental problems and, over the course of 5 years, has skilfully restored or replaced 7 decayed teeth with implants and crowns for which I am most grateful. He is an excellent dental surgeon, and I heartily recommend him.”

DJGB, Bristol

“After having my last tooth extracted from my lower jaw my full lower denture did not fit well, although remoulded making it very difficult to eat. I was put in touch with Guy Bailey who explained that although the denture was good, my gum was small causing the problem. He suggested he fit two implants in the lower jaw on to which a new denture could be secured. He then thoroughly went through the procedures and how it would affect me. Having agreed, Guy then proceeded to fit the implants, and made a new lower denture for me. I am delighted to say I am very pleased with the result and can eat anything again now without any problem. I thank Guy for suggesting and doing this implant dentistry for me and would thoroughly recommend him”

BW, Gloucestershire

“A Lady With New Confidence
I am severely needle-phobic and have had some pretty horrific past experiences, after a few sessions with a local hypnotherapist I finally wobbled myself to the dentist for the first time in a few years.
I can’t thank and praise Guy Bailey highly enough for his kindness and patience in my treatment, I also have absolute faith in his clinical skills.
My implants / teeth feel and look much healthier and I now have total confidence again in my life, I’ll enjoy my dentist visits to keep them maintained in future.
Oh, and Guy being totally professional has a wonderful team around him for support, they are lovely too 🙂.”

Dawn Wall (Former Nervous Patient)

“My story with meeting Guy started from a severe phobia about dentists or anyone touching my mouth.  I don’t know where it all started but probably from childhood.  My fear was so profound that I could not even walk past a dental surgery but had to take a different route to avoid “that place.”

It got to a point one day, after well over 20 years of not visiting a dentist until it got so bad that I had to do something.  I plucked up the courage to make an appointment with Guy.  I was so afraid I couldn’t drive myself as I was high on sedatives.  I eventually made it through the door with a lot of help, kindness and persuasion and met Guy. 

Well I didn’t like him, after all he was “one of those”.  Guy took time with me, took me to his room, sat me on a chair (couldn’t get in “that chair”) and we had a long chat.  Eventually he managed to get me to sit in “that chair”.  He just looked (as agreed) and took some x rays which I was fine with.  I was still quaking with fear though! 

We discussed a treatment plan which was more like a shipping order and that is where my story and relationship with Guy really began.

He carried out a lot of treatment under sedation, which was brilliant.  He is always so gentle and understanding and if you want him to stop he will stop.  Eventually we got to the point where he managed to do a minor filling with no sedation – a great step forward.  Guy will never do anything that is not needed and I believe his quality of work to be outstanding.  I now like Guy!

After about 4 appointments I was able to drive myself to see him.  I’m happy to walk in unaided and don’t quiver like a jelly.   I now visit regularly for check ups, hygienist appointments and treatment if necessary. 

I would never be where I am now without Guy and his professional, caring and understanding manner.  Thank you Guy, you are wonderful.   I would recommend you to anybody particularly if they are phobic.”

Liz Pratley

“ I was fortunate enough to be referred to Guy Bailey for an extraction with sedation as (unnecessarily I know) I am an extremely nervous patient.  The whole experience was morale boosting, friendly and efficient.  In my semi-conscious state, the actual extraction was totally painless and swift.  Everything healed quickly without complications. Thank you Guy & the team.” 

Sarah L

“A desperate Saturday search for a dentist to treat my emergency tooth problem led me to Guy. In a friendly manner he quickly allayed my fears and efficiently provided a temporary solution. He clearly explained alternative procedures that I could decide on for necessary follow on treatments. Greatly impressed by the whole experience I have now been a very satisfied patient of his for over 2 years”.

Cecilia Whitman

“After a bad experience through an NHS practice, I was seen by Guy Bailey. I felt a great sense of relief during my first consultation with Guy who talked me through the treatment that I required.

During the treatment Guy was always professional and made me feel and ease during a very anxious time, the treatment took 12 months and I could then smile with confidence as I had 2 front crown replacements and a Maryland bridge on my top teeth. I would never seek any other dental treatment other than Guy Bailey.”

Jimmy S

“I am a very nervous dental patient and I needed complex work on a front tooth crown, originally set in the early 60’s some 50 years ago. I was referred to Dr Guy Bailey. He carried out the work with sedation which was tricky and required constant monitoring. He was sympathetic, careful, confident and professional. It was a long procedure, I was not rushed and I was totally confident in his care. His work was outstanding and both he and I were delighted with the result.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Guy for any dental work.”

Carol Hughes

“I just wanted to pass on my biggest thanks to Guy for his incredible work and compassion. My last visit to the dentist was over 5 years ago, as I had been putting off having two of my wisdom teeth removed, due to my anxieties over the procedure. Guy was absolutely key in resolving my anxieties over the procedure. When it came for the procedure, Guy talked me through each stage, took his time and kept me incredibly calm. I have had bad experiences of dentists in the past, but Guy has helped me get over my anxiety and I no longer feel afraid to go back. Thanks for everything you do Guy, you are one in a million, you show compassion, patience and professionalism. I would not go to any other dentist and can’t recommend him enough!”


“2 years ago, I had two implants done in my bottom jaw. Guy treated me very gently, eased my anxiousness,  and had a caring, professional touch. Since then  I have had no problems and am eating all my meals with ease.
I recommend anyone to approach Dr Bailey for treatment with full confidence that you will get the best job done.  He and his Staff have the kind of  approach to deal with a situation many people dread to face. He was marvellous with me and made a difficult time less of a worry.
I wish to Thank them all for their thoughtfulness and professionalisms.”


“As a dental phobic since childhood following bad school dentistry in the 1960’s I have always dreaded the very thought of entering a dental surgery, let alone considering treatment . I was treated by Guy because I needed urgent root canal work , followed by crowns. I had been in a great deal of discomfort and painkillers were not helping so I took the plunge and was booked in to see Guy. He is incredibly caring and sensitive , I felt reassured and empathised with . He suggested having the course of treatment with intravenous sedation. Honestly it’s amazing! It makes you deeply relaxed but you still feel in control of yourself, and are able to communicate with Guy at all times . I recovered quickly without any side effects .Local anaesthetic is also given so you are free of pain . Guy takes his time while working and never forgets to check how you are doing , and made me feel respected at all times. For a lifelong dental phobic patient this has been an incredibly positive experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone .”